Christmas 2022

Dear beloved in Christ,

As we prepare to welcome the New Year and celebrate with joyous hearts the Holy Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Angels from Heaven will once again proclaim “Glory to God in the Highest, and Peace on earth…”

Through the Nativity of Christ, God comes to reveal Himself and say, O’ sinner man, you are redeemed now. Our Lord Jesus Christ expresses profound love His revelation shows His boundless love towards us.

The Holy Nativity gives each of us the opportunity to be in communion with the love of our Lord and teaches us to share this understanding with those, around us.

The Armenian Church in spiritual joy invites all our faithful to come together, throughout the Holy days of the Nativity and show praise through worship to the Almighty for His love and blessing for the world. We look to the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Through the love of Jesus, we become partners in Divine nature the same way He, through love, wear the Human nature. Amen.

”Glory to God in the Highest”

With love and prayer,
Rev. Fr. Komitas Mirzakhanyan, Visiting Pastor
Rev. Fr. David Margaryan, Visiting Pastor

It is a wonderful tradition and custom for our people to bless their houses during Christmas season. Those who wish house blessing, please kindly contact the Parish Council Chairperson, Mr. Jean-Philippe Tachdjian (613) 701-2298.

Christmas is a special season when our hearts and souls are full of joy and happiness. Throughout the centuries, the tradition in our families is to share this very holiday together in jubilation. This special time also stirs reflection on our lives and hope for a better future.

Since Christmas time is a time of giving, we ask you to share your gift of love and support for the Saint Mesrob Armenian Church of Ottawa with a donation so we may continue to offer you spiritual, social and educational programs. Thank you for honoring your Church with your commitment of support.