Lenten 2021 Soup for the Soul Fundraiser

We wish to inform you that the Lenten 2021 Soup for the Soul fundraiser was a great success.

$2,100.00 – soup sales will go to renovations of Ottawa HyeDoun

$850.00 – donations will go to renovations of Ottawa HyeDoun

$765.00 – Nairi pepper paste will go to displaced families during Artsakh War

Thank you to the OTTAHYE Community for your ongoing support to help build our Hye Doun building. Together we can build and improve our new home.

The Parish Council would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the following ladies for their direct involvement in preparing a hearty and delicious home-made soups that paid homage to our traditional recipes and flavours: Mary Aghazarian, Houry Avedissian, Dalida Boyadjian, Arpi Karamanokian, Osan Karamanokian, Rita Karamanokian, Anahid Markarian and Aline Tachdjian.

Another big thank you to the members of the Armenian Students Association for their contribution in making the deliveries despite the heavy snowfall of the day. They also added a youthful, dynamic energy to our fundraiser. Raffi and Varouje Avedissian, Arman Beardmazian, Vrej Boyadjian, Hovhannes and Arpiné Gasparyan, Sarine Karamanokian, and Shatine and Décile Tachdjian.

Finally, thanks as well to all the members of the community who purchased soups and pepper paste and who made donations in support of Hye Doun and the displaced families of Artsakh.

May we grow together stronger, through life’s ups, downs, and even its pandemics.